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Welcome To The Bitchery

Anniversary Follow-Up

Hey GT friends, I can't thank you enough for all the kind wishes. Our Saturdays tend to be days of long leep and laziness, and today was no exception. The missus woke up around ten, spent a few hours doing doctor stuff online, then crashed again. I lept till three. Batteries need recharging after all, and I don't leep much during the week.

Around four she stirred and muttered 'Happy Anniversary' at me. I took that as a sign to get my little presents out and gave them to her, she kissed me and said "I didn't get you anything," and I laughed and said "Well, I forgot last year entirely, so no big deal." And then she was asleep again.


Around six she finally got back up and we got caught up on Project Runway, then headed out for a little sushi/sashimi at our local place and Starbucks Rice Krispies treats eaten on a bench down by the water with a lovely three-quarters-full moon overhead. I'll skip the bit where I spilled half my espresso all over myself when the lid wasn't as securely affixed as I'd thought, because embarrassing.

Anyway, a very good day. Thanks to you all for your kind wishes.

ETA: Oh, and I totally did one dumbshit guy thing. One of my gifts to her was a vintage pair of cameo earrings, and when she opened them up I noticed her looking intently at the back of them. Turns out I'd only looked at the earrings and not the clasps, and that these were old-style screwbacks. Derp. Oh well, we try and sometimes we hit and sometimes we don't.

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