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Anniversary gift idears, who's got some?

In 2 days Boobieguy and I are celebrating our 1 year anniversary! Can you believe it? And this saturday I’m moving into his tiny studio until we can find a place together. And instead of feeling stressed and tense about it, I’m actually really excited! If you’d told me any of this a year ago I would not have believed you 😅

Because we can’t recreate our first -accidental- date (we went to a soccer match together, there are no matches happening) We’re going to dinner at one of our favourite tThai places and checking out Fantastic Beasts and where to find them. An excellent wednesday evening if I may say so myself. However.. I’ve been so busy with the move and getting my wisdom tooth pulled, I simply forgot about a gift! I’m a horrible girlfriend.. The only reason I remembered is because BG told me he’d “finally thought of something nice for you for our anniversary!”.
Hints have been dropped.
Curiosity peaked.
And now I need to find a gift to give back. That obviously has to be as good or better than his.. Help me think of something!
(or deconstruct what he’s bought me)


My current ideas are as follows :

  • Jimmy Page autobiography (if I can find it..)
  • A good tuner for his guitar (kinda cheap though?)
  • Staple Singer CD
  • Led Zeppelin 1 original LP (hahahaha yeah like I’ll find that within 2 days)
  • A shower radio (he was chatting about that this weekend)
  • ..warm shoes?..
  • A good game for his PS4?.. He’s been muttering about wanting a new game but he hasn’t been able to think of one that he likes.. But it’s not a very romantic gif.
  • Something else?? Halp!

Ideas that I’ve declined :

A lesson in an airplane: we’re already going with my friend in a few weeks so that’d be a little much of the same. Museumcard: I’d have to buy two and it’d be too expensive, we don’t go that often anyway, a few times a year tops. Movie Theatre subscription: I don’t think we go much more than once a month but it’s still an option. Weekend trip to Porto : waaaaaay to expensive. Concert tickets : the last things I bought him were tickets to a show (valentines) and a fancy backpack (his graduation). I don’t want to buy tickets for every occassion but maybe I could anyway.


The hints for his present are : “It’s something for the both of us really.” “I still have to put some time into it.” and “It should last us a while.” 🤔

ETA: I just had the best idea.. a bunch of photo’s of ours, printed on polaroids. He’d love that. But I can’t get that to happen in 2 days! ARGH!

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