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Anniversary Gift Ideas! Help, GT!

What do you get for a husband-shaped person on the occasion of the first anniversary of your marriage? Why is this giving me such a headache? (Oh, I know why; it's because my husband is impossible to shop for!)

I want to follow the traditional/modern gift-giving guide for anniversaries, and the 1st anniversary is paper (traditional) or clocks (modern). So, obviously, this can be interpreted in many ways. (Also, WHY did I bother fixing his expensive dive watch for his birthday? THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN A CLOCK PRESENT!) Paper could be . . . concert tickets, plane tickets, a short story involving dinosaurs in love, origami lessons, a tree that I later systematically cut down in front of his very eyes and turn into pulp, etc! Clocks could be a c(l)ock ring, a pocketwatch, an HG Wells book, one of those time-turner necklaces that Hermoine had (okay, that's a good gift for me).


I'm probably putting too much thought into this, but if you have any suggestions on a paper or clock theme, I'd love to hear 'em!

ETA: UPDATE! I bought him some Arsenal art prints (he looooooves Arsenal), so now I just need to get something meaningful for both of us.

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