Hi Hivemind!

So in less than a month it's my four year dating anniversary with Man of Soup and I want to get him/do something special for him. But I feel like it's hard to do anniversary type gifts for men. Last year I got him a really cool compass that was made of an antler and I feel like it will be hard to top that.

I have some ideas;

I was thinking of getting him a watch. He's not super fashiony but I thought about getting him some sort of alumni watch. We met at UCLA and he's a big fan and there are some nice watches that incorporate the school seal. I'm just worried about him liking it or not.

I was thinking I could make a photo book for him. I've taken some great photos on our many backpacking trips to the National Parks and I thought I could stick some photos of us in there with photos from our trips. However, it was his birthday last month and I gave him a photography related gift then. So I might save this for Christmas.

He really likes beer so I was pondering getting him a nice bottle opener and getting it engraved with something sappy and then maybe buying a bunch of different crafty beers.


I want this to be good, he really surprised me last year and I want to do something really nice for him because he's amazing.

So if anyone has any tips it would be a huge help! I know this is hard because you don't know him but I really want to do this right. His favorite things are being outside and outdoorsy things.


Presents are stressful! Gif unrelated but it made me laugh my ass off.