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Anniversary of the OKC bombing - What to say to a coworker

18 years ago today was the largest domestic terrorist attack in our nation's history in Oklahoma City. I was in elementary school in a town about 75 miles north of the bombing and was blissfully unaware.

Being an Oklahoma native, I've grown up knowing about the tragedy, but did not ever have much of a personal connection. However, in my recent job, the senior level person in my department lost both her only sister and toddler nephew in the bombing. I understand that today must be hard for her. She usually comes in and gets right down to work in her office, but today she spent the better part of an hour just sitting in my office with my coworker and me.


She took the news out of Boston extremely hard on the day of the marathon and could be heard in her office crying. I think today she just wants to avoid everything, she has yet to even turn on her computer (which is not how she normally does business). I know that it's because of this day. I want to be sensitive, is there something you all think I should be doing or saying?

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