Remember the amazing guy I talked about a few days ago?

Well, last night he came over to my house and made me dinner. First he made me a mojito and then made a delicious and perfect Vietnamese meal. We happily chatted and kissed a lot during this. Then we watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi and snuggled on the couch.

He said he wanted a low key night so I suggested taking a nice long shower together and going to bed. We were standing in my bedroom kissing. Y'know that slow passionate kind of kissing that's just really awesome? Yea. So I'm standing there, completely topless just in my tights and he's shirtless and he just goes "I don't think I can do this anymore".


So basically he is moving away/traveling in a few months and feels like he can't be with me without becoming emotionally invested, which he doesn't want because well, he's leaving. I got the 'you're amazing and smart and beautiful and I like you so much' speech with all the hidden 'buts'. Then we talked in circles for what seemed like an eternity.

My take is that we have a really amazing/rare connection (he agrees) and that even though we know it has to end, we should enjoy each other for as long as possible. It makes sense to me to have him leaving be a natural ending point. For him, things feel to relationship-y and serious (uhhh didn't you just come over and make me dinner?) and he can't commit to anything because of his plans. Which I get. I would never even think to ask anyone to change their life for me. He's going to 'think things over' and 'figure out how he feels'. I think I already know the answer. Honestly I think it's dumb to just abruptly end something so great.


Tl;dr: he really likes me and thinks I'm awesome and loves being with me. But he also feels like he can't see me casually and neither of us are in a position to be in a serious relationship.

Rationally I know he's not rejecting me, but it sure as fuck feels like it.