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Announcing my very new sub-blog: ​"Strong Opinions about Weddings"

So it appears that the next step in Kinja dominance is forming one's very own well regarded and heavily trafficked sub-blog. Well, never let it be said that when the wind blows, I don't blow right along with it.

Therefore, I am heretofore announcing the creation of my very own Sub-blog "Strong Opinions About Weddings: A Naked Play for Page Views". To start I will need the following things from you, my friends and soon to be loyal readers.


1. Instructions on how one starts a Sub-blog. No fancy computer talk. Hopefully it can be done with an Allen Key.

2. A logo for my new Sub-Blog. Something with Dragons on Motorcycles works.

3. Contributors. All are welcome so long as you are willing to cover one of the following topics: "Circumcision", "Is it alright to name a sports team after an ethnic slur?", "Abs: hot or super-hot?" and "Republicans or Democrats: Who's right about everything?"

4. Help on deciding on my new name. Obviously this anonymous "Bears" thing has to go once I am taken seriously as a contributor here, however my given name, Hershel Abraham Bearkovitz, is probably a little too Hebrew for most. Therefore, as the old saying goes, we're thinking British, not Yiddish.

Thank you, Groupthink, in advance for all of your help. Rest assured that work on the sequel to my groundbreaking science fiction novel Sex Kittens of Alpha-Centauri: A Jade McQueen Adventure, will in no way be delayed by this exciting new development. Orion's Kiss: A Jade McQueen Adventure will be written, rejected and consigned to the bottom of my desk drawer as planned, this November.

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