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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I'm feeling super easily annoyed today. Perhaps I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Perhaps I'm not sleeping well enough because of the time changes. Perhaps my body is angry that all I've fed it the past week is chili and cereal because that's all I've had in the house. Who knows the reason. But for now, here are a few things making me extra pissed off for absolutely no reason:

1. My boss's constant need to be the center of email attention.

Most recent example (of many): My company's #2 person (our Senior VP) sent out a group email regarding a project we worked on 9+ months ago that we just found out results on yesterday. He thanked us for our hard work on the project. My boss then replied-all to the email to essentially reiterate the thank you and say "To all involved, great job on this effort!" My boss didn't even work here when we did the project!! She had no knowledge of the project, the work effort, etc. I'm pretty sure the thanks from our SVP sufficed!


2. My coworker is sick and left early to go to some kind of health center.

And she didn't take me.

3. The Jezebel mainpage is ridiculous now.

I'm from Oklahoma and, while I didn't go to OU I know a lot of people who did so this SAE story is a big deal. It's a big deal to me and oklahomans, but it's a big deal to everyone in the country. People are reading the stories. So why do we need a big clickbaity graphic on the latest story about how the family council of crazies are blaming the racism on gay people? Oh? Something says gay people? Let's put up a HUGE picture of men in their underwear, cause that's cool to have pop up when you go to read a story about SAE when you're at work. Thanks Jez!


4. Justin Harris.

He's an asshole. Who the fuck does that to children?! This is why I don't trust really religious people.


5. Cell phone games are zapping my battery.

I need something to entertain me when people don't post enough on GT. Why do cell phone games have to be so hard on the battery?


I think that's it for the moment. If you have anything to add, any comments, or any disagreements, feel free to spout off in the comments!

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