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About a year ago I went on one date when a guy I met on Okcupid. We had similar interests but we didn’t really have chemistry/I wasn’t really attracted. I told him over the phone that I just didn’t want to take it any further. Sounds simple right?

Well. Part of why I quit okcupid at that time was panic resurfacing from my assault history. I realized I wasn’t ready or able to date and I told him so. He had already friended me on facebook right after the first date and I never bothered to unfriend him.

I think I must somehow accidentally have given him to believe that it was only past trauma that kept me from a life of bliss with him, because he just sent me a message after a year of me never once initiating contact with him. You’d think he would accept that no is still no a year later, but I suppose he thinks if I am over all my issues I might be interested in him? Ugh.


I hate this. I actually am not over my issues yet and I still don’t really date but that’s not his goddamn business. I don’t want to have any stressful conversations with this guy. I also just want this guy to go away. It was ONE DATE! A whole year ago! I felt like I owed him more of an explanation a year ago, but now I don’t think I owe him shit anymore. Unnnnnhhhhhhhhhhh *whines*

What do I dooooo?

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