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Annoyed at the Salvation Army Angel Tree Planning

Anybody else love doing the Salvation Army Angel Tree? Where you go and pick a paper ornament with a kid’s age, gender, and Christmas gift wishes and then shop for them? I love doing this event every year.

Back when I lived in Alabama, they had their shit together. Every paper ornament had shoe size, shirt size, and pants size on it. Didn’t matter whether or not the kid asked for clothes. This was great, because I would usually get a fleece jacket and some sweat pants/shirts regardless, because you can never have too many warm clothes in winter. And if they did ask for clothes or a coat, you knew what they needed.

Stupid St. Louis....NOPE. Not a damn thing on there with clothing sizes. And EVERY. SINGLE. ORNAMENT. on the tree had clothes on the list. Some had shoes. Many had coats. How the hell am I supposed to know what size that 12 year old wears? I was a fat kid, I wore 14/16s at that age. My cousin was short and thin. Even if I were to include gift receipts (which I always do, anyways), I have no idea if the parent lives near a JCPenney’s or whatever. Shit, I don’t even know how much time the parent has before Christmas when the Salvation Army gets the gifts to them. Just because I have to have it back by Dec. 9th doesn’t mean they get it early. It’s asking a whole helluva a lot to say “hey, you signed up for this charity for your kids. Guess you better figure out how to exchange this for your kid’s size!”


And if they don’t get the stuff until right before Christmas, how much would that suck for the kid? I remember how awful it was getting clothes that were way too small from well-meaning family members. I’m sure it sucks the other way, too.

Grr. I ended up getting a 3 year old girl where the only thing listed was clothes. At least I can get 3t/4t stuff and it should work.

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