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Annoyed With Friends...

My friends and I have decided to go to brunch on Sunday. One friend, Mary*, doesn't drive at all and one friend, Joan*, is in town on vacation and doesn't have her own car here. The brunch place is in the center of town. They are not.

To add some context, I live in a place with poor public transit so driving is pretty much a necessity.

After we all agreed on a time in a group text, the two who can't drive immediately texted, "How is Mary getting there?" and "Ummm...how is Joan getting there lol." (they were naming themselves, like if I had asked "How is TamTams getting there?")


Is it terrible that my first thought was, "I don't know how the fuck you're getting there but either politely ask us [friends in text group] for a ride or get an Uber." Don't passive aggressively ask how you're getting somewhere that you agreed to go. Think about the distance when you are agreeing to meet up somewhere and take into account transportation. You're an adult. Figure it out.

I'm glad I'm going to be at Ginger Beard's the night before way across town from both of them so I don't get guilted into driving all over picking them up and dropping them off.

Am I overreacting? I just feel like it's incredibly rude to say "How am I getting there?" to your friends instead of asking for a ride or finding your own transportation.

*names changed to protect the annoying

ETA: Friend from out of town is now saying she's going to ask her brother to borrow his car since rides from us aren't guaranteed. I'm through.

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