ABiL got himself a new part time job. But it is in another city to the southeast and according to Google Maps it will take him roughly an hour to get there without traffic. And that's only if he uses toll roads. And he has to go through a really bad patch of highway which seems to be booby trapped to cause accidents the moment a snowflake touches the road surface.

We live about 1/2 as far away from the hospital as they do. I anticipated being asked if he could crash here now and then, so I decided it might be strategic to make the offer before he asks.

His reply was "Good weather, bad weather, I might crash there anyways. We are looking into moving closer, probably *city where his Dad has a rental property*."

(gotta love that there was no thank you for the offer of crash space, but that's not the main point.)

Long time readers of the Annoying Inlaw saga will recall that ABiL tried to talk his father in to letting him live in one of Dad's houses a few months back. Only it wasn't the rental property, it was the house my FiL lives in. Now it seems like, they are going to try and move into the rental property, and knowing them, they will want a rent honeymoon to fix it up. (The rental property is in a rather sorry state. The kitchen needs to be gutted, for starters.) When they were proposing that they move into his house and he move into the rental, they wanted a rent honeymoon to fix it up, and it was in far better shape.


My FiL really does not want to rent to them. He needs the income from the place, and he is worried that the next financial crisis they have they will stop paying rent. However, since he used to rent the property to Mr. Ivriniel a few years ago, he can't just say "I don't want to rent to family."

The one hope we have of diffusing this drama, before they can really get it going is the fact that Google maps shows that the rental house is only about 5 minutes closer to the new job. It's further east than where they live currently, but also further north. Hopefull that will be enough, since ASIL has always said she doesn't want to live in the city were the rental property is.