The Annoying Inlaws have been talking about moving for years, with grandiose dreams of detached homes with double garages, and 3-4 bedrooms. For the longest time they had their hearts set on a town to the west, known to be pricey.

Now all of a sudden, they are willing to drop everything, move east, sell their place, and rent a house.

OSiL and I have a theory: We think ASiL is pregnant again. Circumstantial evidence:

1) At Christmas she was looking pale and frail. My MiL asked her if she had lost weight. She said no, that she had gained 5 pounds. Then started randomly talking about how easy it had been for her to lose her baby weight, once she got active again. Which she claimed was a month after the baby was born. This is NOT what happened at all, and to me it sounded more like she was trying to convince herself.

2) ASiL then said something about having a Doctor's appointment in the New Year, that was somehow related to her five pounds.

3) When ABiL emailed my FiL he made reference to wanting a bigger house as it would "Give his family more room to grow."

ABiL wants to move the crap he has stored in my FiL's basement, this weekend, into a storage locker. Since he is thinks he is only going to need the storage locker for a month, that means they think they are moving soon. Like there is some reason for urgency.


Now ABiL turns 40 in a couple of weeks so maybe it is just midlife crisis. I really hope that's all it is, because they cannot afford another kid.