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Annoying Inlaw Update

I recently posted about a roadblock that the Annoying Inlaws had it in their quest to sell their house:

We have since heard more about the situation, and there has been a new development.


First off, the mould is growing under the basement floor. This suggests to me the possibility that they did not install a proper vapour lock when they laid the new floor. If there was moisture trapped under vinyl flooring, it may well have also wicked up into the walls.

Mr. I’s sister says that ABiL seemed genuinely surprised that the inspector found mould and was livid that the inspector lifted a corner of the floor to find it.

Which brings to the next thing we have learned. Mr. I misunderstood when he thought that they planned to hire a mould remediation company. ABiL wants to do the work himself. I have suggested to Mr. I that he encourage ABiL to at least get a mould remediation company in to do an assessment, so they at least have a complete picture of what is going on. The last thing they need is to tear out and replace the flooring, and then fail another inspection because they missed mould elsewhere.

Finally this morning, ABiL texted Mr. I to say that their realtor has withdrawn the house from the market until the mould situation is sorted. The realtor is also insisting that all of their stuff has to be out of the townhouse before he shows it again, so they are going ahead with their move to the rental.


Given that they have so much crap in the house that they actually have a bookcase sitting in front of the non-sliding part of a pair of sliding doors (and their townhouse is a middle unit so the only natural light comes from the front and back of the house) I think this is wise. Mr I’s sister says that the last bid they had was $5k below their asking price, so the place really isn’t showing well at the moment.

If I were their realtor, I would also insist on a home inspection before the house goes back on the market. He does not want to get a reputation among other realtors for trying to unload substandard houses.


Mr I has expressed his concern that they are biting off more than they can chew right now, but ABiL is still confident the place will sell quickly once he fixes the floor. He says they already have potential buyers lined up. I don’t understand why he thinks these potential buyers will wait around for him to fix the floor and put the house back on the market.

In any case, apparently they plan on ASiL getting a job once they move into their new place, and ABiL is insisting she get her driver’s license. She has never had one. It seems to me that if she has this much adversion to driving that she hasn’t gotten one for 27 years, it’s probably not a good idea to force her. On the other hand, their new address in the middle of the burbs, and the nearest ammenities of any type are at least a km away. They live far enough away from the local school that Niece qualifies for busing, so if she needs to go home early for any reason, and ABiL is at work, he will have to leave to get her. We have a graduated licensing system here so getting to the point where she is legally allowed to drive alone, is going to take a while.


On a related note, since they were having showings in the house on the weekend, ASiL borrowed our MiL’s steam cleaner to clean the carpet on the main floor. When she gave it back, the steam cleaner smelt of bleach. Who puts bleach in a steam cleaner? I would have thought the potential health hazards of vapourized bleach would have been obvious, but, I guess not.

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