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So it turns out the Annoying Inlaws will be hosting their own daughter's birthday party for the family at their house. It's going to be a coffee and dessert party. And the guests are being asked to bring a desserts to share.

Seems a bit odd to me that guests are being asked to bring food, in addition to bringing gifts, but whatever.

Here's the bit that gives it the Annoying Inlaw stamp. The party is going to be on Saturday evening. Originally, they wanted to have the party at 9 AM on Saturday because ASiL has to work at 1 PM on Sat, but no one wanted to go to a party at 9 AM on Saturday. Mr. Ivriniel was particularly unenthused, because we live an hour away from them, and he is not a morning person at all. What's more, he's been logging crazy hours trying to put a client's database back together after his old employer nuked it, and is really looking forward to sleeping in on Sunday.

So this afternoon, ABiL send him another passive-agressive text saying "Just so you know, fights are breaking out over the time for the party, because it conflicts with your schedule."


Mr. I didn't know what to do with that, and just replied "Ok…"

ABiL: "What does OK, mean? And anyways, I am getting tired of us always having to work around your schedule."

That is so rich coming from ABiL. This is the man that two Christmases ago, was literally unavailable for the 2 week period around Christmas, and sent out his December and January calendars to family members for them to pick a date where he wasn't busy. When we did pick a date that wasn't marked off on the calendar, he threw a hissy fit because it was too close to his mid-January birthday. And then suggested that we do it on a weeknight, the night before his sister had an exam (and his sister was hosting).

When Mr. Ivriniel pointed out that we are always having to schedule around ABiL and ASiL's schedules, his only reply was "Seriously?!?!"

So basically, what I think happened is, they proposed this 9 AM party, and nobody wanted to be up that early, but the strongest argument they had was "What about the Ivriniels? It's too early to ask them to come into town on the weekend." and it became all about us.

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