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Welcome To The Bitchery

So as you may recall, my Annoying Inlaws had hatched a scheme whereby they would buy or rent my FiL's house, and he would move up north. Well, as I expected, the plan has hit a rather big snag. My FiL does not want to go through with it.


I am not entirely certain what happened, except that FiL doesn't think he can afford to move. We were under the impression that the Annoying Inlaws wanted to rent-to-own or at least rent the place, but Mr. Ivriniel's latest conversation with his brother left him with the impression that ABiL was wanting their father to give him the house as an early inheritance.

Even if Mr. Ivriniel's understanding of the situation is incorrect, the Annoying Inlaws are in a tough place financially. After being unemployed since March, ABiL has finally started working again. (Apparently he was hired on by a home care company in June, but they didn't have any hours for him until Sept. Seems like a hell of a way to run a business.) The downside? They gave him 6 hours last week. ABiL is convinced it will turn into a full time job, but at the rate they seem to be giving him hours, that seems strangely optimistic. ABIL also told Mr. I that he had to withdraw 1/5 of his remaining savings just to cover this month's expenses. Given all this, I could understand my FiL being reluctant to rent to them, only to come to the situation where they can't afford rent in 4 months.

They talked about maybe buying the house from my FiL once before, but ASiL was opposed, and gave a ridiculous list of demands of changes she wanted made to the house before she would move in, including such things as making replacing the baseboards in various parts of the house so that all the baseboards in the house would be the same colour, to ripping out a 5 year old carpet and replacing it with hardwood. ASiL is apparently still opposed, and has not dropped her list of demands, which is not helping the situation. It's like looking a gift horse in the mouth, and then demanding the owner pay for dental surgery before you'll accept it.

So anyways, ABiL called Mr. Ivriniel and asked him to talk to their Dad and see if he could convince him to change his mind. Oh hell no. This is exactly what I was worried about. To his credit, Mr. Ivriniel is doing his best to stay out of this. He told me his position on all of this is summed up by the Polish proverb "Not my circus. Not my monkeys."

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