So today, ABiL posted this to Facebook:

“Trying to decide between a fixer upper with large backyard in an area we want near friends we have made or a ready to move in large living space with a small backyard but on a cul de sac with kids”

Who rents a “fixer upper” if you have other options? Landlords are legally responsible for the maintence of a place. If the place needs you to do much work to it, then that suggests they are crappy landlords. Why sink your own time and money into something that in the end, you will be walking away from?

When someone asked why he would rent a fixer upper he said:

“A backyard the size of small group campsite would be a start. A deck big enough the hold a family renin being a second. Knowing that *redacted* would be tired coming in from playing in the back would be a very large third.”

I’m thinking the activity level of the child is a bigger determinant of how tired they will be coming in from the yard than the size of the yard, but I haven’t seen how small the yard in the other house is.


Mr I still hasn’t decided if he will lend them money (they still haven’t given him a firm number) but he is going to get the pay back terms in writing.

I am guessing the thing he is not telling people in his Facebook musings is that the move-in ready house would require him to borrow $2000 from his brother rather than several hundred to cover first and last.