TW eating disorder

Now, I actually really like my SIL, but sometimes she does or says stuff that make me think she's purposely trying to hurt me. She tells this one story all. the. time. To all the same people. Like, we've all heard it at least 20 times. To be fair, it's about when she was first getting diagnosed with Crohn's disease in college. She was very sick, and I'm sure it was a very stressful and scary time for her. And I feel bad for that and I have no problem with her wanting to talk about it. But it's the way she recounts this time that gets me. She always, always frames it how every person she knew was soooo concerned that she had an eating disorder and how thin she got. She has even said that she had "involuntary bulimia - I couldn't keep anything down."

The thing is, she knows that I'm bulimic and that I've been dealing with that for a very long time. Hell, she's the one who called an ambulance for me a few years ago when I had to be hospitalized. It just makes me really uncomfortable because I don't want other people to know (in part because I'm ashamed and in part because I don't want people questioning me every time I want to go use the bathroom) so I feel like I can't respond. Tonight, she started talking about this again for the umpteenth time and one of our other stupid guy friends started making stupid jokes about bulimics. I'm hiding in the bathroom now because I want to cry.

Am I being crazy, or do you think SIL is just totally oblivious?