So my Annoying Sister in Law and Annoying Brother in Law missed Thanksgiving because they were out of the country. At Thanksgiving, we also celebrate the birthdays that occur around that date, which includes my ASiL. However, before they left, my ABiL threw her a big birthday party for her 40th, so we figured she was covered.

Anyways, last week, my ASiL started asking about when we could all get together. Once people settled on date when they were free, she started asking where we should get together. When my Other Sister in Law gave a sort of light "Um aren't you hosting this thing?" prod, my ASiL went on about how their place is in turmoil (it always is) and they couldn't possibly host, so if no one had any other ideas, we would just have to cancel it.

So then the next day, my MiL sent out an email asking if people wanted to do Secret Santa this year for the adults, rather than everyone buying everyone a present, which was something we started doing last year. Last night, I responded to the email saying it worked for Mr. I and me.

Well, apparently my ASiL lost her shit over that, and called my MiL this morning to complain. She complained "once again it has been decided" and that she and her husband have been "vetoed again". Leaving us all going "huh?" because last year they were just fine with Secret Santa. They're pretty cheap, so the fact that they had to buy fewer presents went over well then.

The only thing we can figure about why they are mad that it's been suggested that it be a Secret Santa, is that they said something to my Other Sister in Law about bringing everyone back something from their Norway trip, and they wanted those gifts to double as Christmas gifts. And knowing them, since they are giving everyone something, they expect that everyone will give them something as well.

They are weird when it comes to gifts. They insist on sending out their wish lists to everyone, and get annoyed that other people don't send them out as well. A couple of years back, they complained to my OSiL that she wasn't sending them wish lists from her two kids, and when she responded that she didn't want to teach her kids that family get togethers were all about presents, my ABiL freaked out. He told her that she was teaching her kids that they couldn't rely on their family. WUT?


As far as my ASiL saying she's being vetoed goes: It ain't a veto if the majority agrees on something. It would only be a veto if *they* got override the majority.

Oh, and she also complained to my MiL about how we celebrated Thanksgiving without them and how we're now refusing to get together with them to make up for it. *head desk*