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Annoying Sister In Law rides again

So tonight Mr. Ivriniel and I had dinner with one of his childhood friends, and his wife. They are expecting their first child in March.

Childhood friend is also friends with the Annoying Brother in Law, and so they spend a fair bit of time with ABIL and ASiL.


So Childhood's friend wife (CFW) tells me that when they told the Annoying Inlaws that they were pregnant, ABiL expressed congratulations, while ASiL got a disgusted look on her face and said "But I thought you were going to wait until we were ready to get pregnant again, so we could be pregnant together!" (Apparently when Childhood Friend's wife was first going off the pill, she told ASiL, who urged her to stay on the pill a few more months, so they could both start trying together.)

WTF? CF and CFW were supposed to put their own life plans on hold until the timing better suited ASiL? In what universe is this a reasonable request? In what universe is this the appropriate first response to someone when they tell you that they are pregnant?

And if that isn't bad enough, wait, there's more:
As some may recall, part of what makes the Annoying InLaws so annoying is their mutual obsession over ASiL's thinness. Which they equate with healthiness and moral fibre and all that jazz. CFW's is a larger woman, but has been carefully watching what she has been eating during her pregnancy because she's worried about her weight ballooning too much. So at this point in her pregnancy she has gained about 19 pounds.

Apparently ASil (who gained a lot more than 19 pounds,) said to her the other day "The reason you've only gained 19 pounds is that you were a large woman to start with." Then she went on to call CFW "obese".


1) Who the hell does this? Who goes around actually labelling another person as obese?


2) Not that it would make it ok if CFW were actually obese, but she isn't. ASiL used to go on and on about how she and our (then) 10 year old niece could share clothing, which they really couldn't, so it just another example of how messed up ASiL's perception of bodies is.

Another tidbit: The Annoying Inlaws are hoarders. The only reason their place does not look like an episode of Hoarders is that they have crap in both my MiL and FiL's basements. Apparently they asked CF and CFW if they could store additional crap in their basement as well. When CF and CFW said no, because this summer they are planning to finish the basement to turn into a children's play area, ASiL responded, "Why bother sinking money into that? You're just going to have to move anyways, because your house is just. too. small. to have children in it."

CF and CFW have a 3 bedroom, semi-detached home.

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