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Annual evaluations ... groooooaaaan

It's that time of year. Time to do my annual evaluation. I don't know about any of the rest of you here who are faculty members, but we have to use this online software torture device called "Digital Measures" that years and years ago was sold to faculty as the next great thing ... "oh, you'll enter your work in and it will compile it all and track it for you and then when you go up for tenure and/or promotion, you'll be able to pull up all your work." Yeah, not so much. When I went up for tenure last year, I still had to complete a ridiculous Word form from our Regents - what ended up being a 25 page document, and the thing wasn't even formatted properly, a total document nightmare.

Digital Measures is also a nightmare. Ridiculous drop-down menus that aren't user friendly, options that don't make sense, and after spending all this time to do this online thing, we STILL have to submit "evidence" - a binder full of all our syllabi, published articles, presentations, whatever else we have to document our work from the last year. And all this is due just as we're trying to get prepared for a new semester. Last year, I kept getting emails saying, "You didn't submit this. We need this. Do you have more evidence for that?" So I thought, "okay, fine, you want evidence? You'll get evidence ..." and I started compiling my binder for 2013 at the end of January last year. All year long, I just chunked stuff in the binder.


So today, I turned in my 2 inch binder, chock full of my "evidence." If I did something, this year, it's in that freaking binder. Booyah. Time to get a new binder for 2014.

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