I coined this phrase many years ago and by definition, it is exactly what it says~Anonymous Pie. You hit someone with love before they can determine who you are.

In a diner north of Boston, me & my then boyfriend were eating dinner on our way home from a weekend in Vermont. We didn't have much money but that is a different story.

Anyway, there was an elderly man (in his 80's) seated at a table next to our booth. We did not interact in any way, but we noticed him, and knew he was a widower. We figured he ate the early bird dinner there every night by the way the staff loved him. He gave us a window on true love. And true loss.

When we went to the counter to pay our bill, I asked the cashier, "What is that mans favorite dessert?"

She said, "Pie."

I said, "Add a slice of pie to our check, but don't tell him. Just bring it to him after we leave."


She was a little confused at first but quickly got with the program. We paid, then left. I've enjoyed doing this in many forms since.

My favorite, and worst "Anonymous Pie" was in an Irish Pub in NYC in early October of 2001. Six Firemen came in from the pile. I paid my check, left the bar and pie turned into beer.


I know you all have these stories, too. I just know it. Care to share here?