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Welcome To The Bitchery

I don't know if you guys have heard of them already, but I've just come across Lottie Dolls - the company launched in 2012, pitting themselves as an alternative to the Barbie/Bratz type toys. They've already won a bunch of awards, and their ethos seems sound - they wanted to create a 'pro-girl' doll with a 'childlike body' to promote healthy body imagery, and let children enjoy children stuff. There are issues though, the brand is still overwhelmingly pink, and there seems to be minimal effort being made to include non-white dolls. The use of the word 'wholesome' also rubs me up the wrong way a little, but that might just be me. In short I'm undecided, and I'm interested to get your opinions.

Although I will say, I love the 'pirate queen', and any company that turns being a lighthouse keeper into a fashion statement has to have something going for it.

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