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Another Birth Control/Pro-Choice Appreciation Post

This is the kind of thing we already talk about all the time on Jezebel, but now that I've actually had to deal with it in some manner, I wanted to put my small two-cents in.

Long story short, I recently had my first sexytimes/birth control experience, and while most of it's out of my system, the thing that struck me the most was how goddamn lucky I am.

Because even though we used protection, it was one of the stupider decisions I've made and Plan B seemed like a prudent course of action. The time in between the actual deed and when I took the pill was one of the most nerve-wracking, shameful, even terrifying periods of my life, even though the whole experience was rather quick and painless. The only people who could have shamed me were the pharmacists, who were kind enough to treat it like an allergy medicine even though I felt like, well, a jezebel. I didn't even get any nausea.


So what must that experience be like for someone else? Someone who doesn't have enough cash handy, or a way to get to the pharmacy by themselves, or a way to look up emergency contraception in peace? What if it wasn't sold over-the-counter, or I was underage, or the pharmacists gave me a hard time?

So thank you, thank you to the healthcare laws that make birth control accessible at all, and to all the people who help women without judgement. You are far, far more compassionate and kind than most "pro-lifers" could ever understand. I am already more grateful than I could ever put into words, and I didn't even really need your help. You are wonderful human beings, and please don't ever give up the good fight.

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