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Another completely avoidable victim of gun violence

Tl; dr old white man shoots young black man over no reason and isn’t get charged with attempted murder

So yesterday we hear there was a shooting in the Target parking lot.

Then we hear it was over a parking spot.

21 yr old Amazon driver parks in handicapped spot. Sure, that’s wrong. So call the local police and he gets a citation.


Fucking 65 dude follows him from Target, confronts him, punches him, they end up on the ground, 21 yr old sees old fucker has a gun, starts running away. Old fucker shoots him in the back.

The poor man is paralyzed from the waist down now.

And the shooter is being charged with first degree assault and armed criminal action. He’s getting a pass because he’s an older white man. That should be attempted murder. He was shot in the back while running away. That was attempted murder, he was trying to kill that young man.


And the icing on the cake is how sweet the police are treating the attempted murderer.


“This guy was somebody who should have known better,” Lohmar said. “He’s been through the St. Charles Citizens Police Academy not once, but twice. He has his concealed carry permit. So he knows when he’s authorized and when he’s not authorized to discharge a weapon.”

Oh, he should have known better. Fucking bullshit.

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