NINE Mythical and Fictional Creatures who are nicer than most people in the DC area!!!

Although most areas of the world have countless people who continue to be gems to society, DC has some truly awful people who are so absorbed in themselves and their position and the position of the people in their life. Some people have been surpassing any semblance of decency recently and just this evening I realized that there are a few horrible people and creatures in both the fictional and mythical realms that I would rather spend time with. So here we go, Nine things that are nicer that most people in DC!

9.Boggart: Either the kind who pulls bedsheets off you as you sleep or the kind that takes the form of your biggest fear...they just seem to be a little misunderstood and I'd like to understand. And they can be thwarted by hanging horseshoes.

8.Fenrir: The monster of the river Vaan; a monster wolf in ancient Nordic culture that was prone to biting off whole appendages if you tried to subdue him. I like a wild card and I think I have seen enough episodes of The Dog Whisperer to feel confident that old Fenrir just needs an alpha in his pack.

7.Daenerys Targaryen. AKA Stormborn, Mother of Dragons or Khaleesi whatever you want to call it..not to get on a whole Ice and Fire kick (because I can make a list of just characters from the series) but she can't go unmentioned. Probably the most obviously terrible trait is that she is a walking plague and anything she looks at turns to ash, but I'm not a slave owner so I am probably safe from her crucifixion rampage...probably.

6.Gorgon: The most famous is Medusa but this is anybody that has venomous snakes as hair. Celia Mae (Mike Wazowski's girlfriend) is a one eyed gorgon and she seems super nice.

5.Grootslang: This is a legendary creature is a cross between an elephant and a snake and boasts to be as old as the world itself. He lives in your neighborhood bottomless pit (as long as you are in South Africa) and covets diamonds and gems. The typical MO of the Grootslang is to lure you into its cave to eat you, but always the rational thinker, the Grootlang will let you go if you pay him off with precious gems.

4.Jabba the Hutt. Even though he is a horrible crime boss, resembles like my wife's nemesis and most of his servants are planning to assassinate him, the hutt knows how to negotiate a deal. He's probably the only guy in the outter rim that could book the Mos Eisley cantina band for a private performance in his throne room.

3.Leshy: The Slavic shapeshifter with an unhealthy bond with wolves and bears. This mischievous woodland creature can be a vicious bastard and literally tickle you to death in his cave. But I suppose these things could be said of anybody from eastern Europe.

2.Gollum. Evil, yes. Split personality, yes. Eats raw fish, yes. Ask me to help him move out of his cave, nope!

1.The Hellhound. It's just a stinky dog with yellow eyes and black fur, super strength and the ability to talk. It literally sounds like 90% of my coworkers.