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Another day, another asshole husband of one of my friends

I have a few friends who have married men who I think mistreat them, but I always hope to be proven wrong or that I didn’t understand the situation. Cut to one of the worst offenders and my friend just had twins a couple months ago and she is so overwhelmed. She had some complications and was on bed rest for like the last few months of the pregnancy, and he acted all concerned but when I was around visiting her, he’d be constantly trying to tell her he thought the doctors were babying her and that she was “milking it” and he was having to do everything.

The babies were born and everyone is fine now, but she has been really struggling and I’ve been super worried. Luckily we convinced her to see a therapist (and we take turns babysitting during those appointments). Now this morning I awake to a text for me to call her and she is upset because her husband last minute went on a camping trip this weekend without giving her a heads up or asking, and she has been alone all weekend and she has come down with a cold or something...anyway her mother is driving in to help but fuck I am so mad at him! When they were fighting about him going on the trip he accused her of using the babies to “oppress and control” him and told her plenty of single mothers have to handle more and she is complaining too much.


I took to Facebook and saw some pictures of the trip and he’s with other mutual friends. I find myself wondering if they know what a fucking asshole he is, or what he told them. My friend is also one to post a picture perfect life online and also show that to people in real life, so if he lied and said she was fine or whatever, she’ll go along with it.

Honestly when they got married, I had hoped she’d get the babies she desperately wanted, and have a nice smooth transition out of the marriage (I know, I know). I’m sad she is linked to him like this. I think she is terrified he's either going to leave them or that the rest of her life will be like that. If course she has not said anything that big-picture - I can just tell that her fear is LARGE. 

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