Some of you probably know my family learned this week that my dad has terminal cancer. He was in ICU for a week and we almost lost him due to complications from several other conditions (COPD with congestive heart failure, diabetes with chronic renal failure and a nasty case of pancreatitis). They found the cancer then and it is a rapid mover. He agreed to meet with an oncologist in the hospital and decided to begin chemo.

He was finally released to go home on Friday. However, yesterday he did a reversal and has now decided not to go through the chemo. I can't say I disagree but it is a difficult thing for me to admit. Evil Sister has suddenly pulled back and just "can't" do some things. I guess I understand because she has gone through divorce hell this past year, but I still want to give her a shake and a "Damn, girl" lecture.

I'm going to need the next couple of days to get my work poop in a group as it seems now I'll need to be prepared to take a few days off here and there once school begins. I've also taken steps to put all playing contracts and one recording project on hold for the next 9-10 months. I did take time to go to my 35th class reunion yesterday. I managed to have a good time. The place even has a "beer garden". In case you've never seen a Biergarten done Lower Crapovia style, I've included a picture for your enlightenment.