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So, today I was linked to this from my facebook feed. For those who don't want to click the link, here is the breakdown.

A man's son egged a few teenagers in a car on Halloween. These teenagers, being teenagers, decided to return fire, and egged his car. Up until this point it kinda sounds like an American Pie-esque sketch comedy. we can almost imagine the Noble teenager coming down and seeing a pretty girl egging his car and then realizing they could commit beautiful pranks together. Instead, Noble Sr. responded and he introduced a gun into the equation.

And now a beautiful fifteen year old girl is dead.

Illustration for article titled Another Day, Another Horrific Act of Gun Violence (TW: Guns, Violence)

When did it become a killable offense to be a teenager in this country?

When did a man's car become worth more to him than the life of another human being?

And why are the gun nuts already boo-hooing about their rights being infringed upon if we even try to introduce legislation that makes it more clear that 'self-defense' does not include defending yourself against music being played too loudly, or going out and seeking trouble because you saw a teenager in a hoodie.

It's a terrifying time to be a teenager or to be a parent of a teenager right now, and I cannot imagine how this affects their emotional well-being. As a former high school teacher, I'm choked up. I remember fifteen year olds. I remember their goofy sweetness, and how they sometimes did bad things but when you talked to them about it their natural goodness shone through and they tried to be better. They have so much potential for goodness inside of them, and without fail almost all of them recognize that people are valuable.


I believe that people are valuable. And if we can introduce legislation that makes that more clear to the type of person who would defend a car by killing a teenage girl, so much the better.

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