Yup, I’m still in the hospital. At least I’m getting real food again, not just clear liquids. I tell ya... white toast and a scrambled egg never seemed so interesting! Oh! And I’m sitting up! In a chair!

Dr came in this morning, said that the liver function test he ordered yesterday came back fine, and all the blood work came back fine. Pressed on my belly around the incisions and nearly brought me to tears again. I can’t even describe how painful this is, and he has no idea what’s causing such intense pain. It’s not gas, or cramps, or infection... just awful stabbing pain that gets worse when I move much.

The physical therapist came in this morning and brought me a cane so I could walk a bit. He’ll be back after lunch for another little stroll. I’ve worked with him before, doing physical therapy for my hips.


It’s funny, though... I’ve known the food service lady for about 12 years, the cleaning lady’s son in high school is friends with my son, the surgeon who did my operation also did Husband’s and Step-Dad’s hernia surgeries a few years back, one of my nurses knows my mom, the on-call doctor was my doctor when I was little... Small towns. No secrets!

I’m really tired today, in spite of not really doing anything. I had an endless stream of visitors yesterday: Husband and Other-Husband came up and brought the kids, including Oldest’s girlfriend. They went home, then my sister came, my mom and step-dad, a couple of H’s co-workers, and my dad and step-mom. H and O-H came up together later to say goodnight, too.

I think it’s nap time.