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My company is completely run by women, and women make up the majority of employees. It is the corporate office for a company that franchises nationally - the franchise-owners are majority women as well, but there are some dudes. There are plenty of great, easy to work with dudes.

But whenever someone is threatening to sue, cursing someone out, holding up progress, arguing without much purpose, etc - it's always a man. The women who have issues or argue - we can have a constructive conversations, come to agreements, and get shit done. Most of the women who work there would not touch the word "feminist" with a ten foot poll and are probably even anti-choice. But it's basically accepted as common knowledge that we are experiencing sexism. You know when the anti-choice Republican women call something sexism, it must be blatant.

My function is that I draw architectural drawings to make sure that these franchises adhere to our branding standards - I'm flexible and try to make everyone happy, as long as I'm sticking to the rules that I didn't even establish. I have anywhere from 5-10 projects going at a time, and usually one of them is a "special snowflake" (picky franchisee).


But with these guys, my supervisor will flat out warn me now, "We've got a macho dude on our hands here" when she passes off a project to me.

Right now, I have two special snowflakes. Both of them are men questioning my expertise, and they are literally going behind my back to look up codes to try to argue with me (and, not to be cocky here, but I know the goddamn codes - they don't understand what they're reading). I have one guy who accused me of not drawing to scale, of "trying to undermine him," etc. My whole purpose is to set up their place so that the we can comfortably accommodate the most customers (based on our experience with all our other locations). It is 100% not in our best interest to undermine the franchisees. Even when everyone comes to an agreement and I draw up what I assume that agreement is, he has to come back and be like, "you can move this shelf 6" toward the front of the building" or just some fucking asinine change that is just about exerting control, because that 6" is never ever important.

So today, this WORST guy has tried to convince me we can block a fire exit with built-in furniture. No, we can't. I decided to draw it (because I like to show people they're wrong), and my supervisor is making him submit it to the fire marshal (who will be part of the permitting process anyway). He cursed her out, told her she didn't know what she's talking about and that she's making him get inspections he doesn't have to have. No matter what we say or do, this guy absolutely cannot hear anything other than his own opinion.

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