I am suspicious my workplace might be on the verge of a mass exodus. There is an adjacent department to mine, with 7 women and 1 man, and they are overworked and underpaid. This has been the story since I work here. I think they have operated with the dedication of startup employees waiting for the day it all pays off and it’s becoming clear it won’t. We aren’t a startup anymore yet always the same old shit.

This department is kind of the core of company. Market rate for their position in the rest of the country starts at about 80-100k, and many are making just under 50k (the ones who told me because they vent to me and are close to me).

So anyway, they are having their bi-annual shitfit about their bad situation, which is coupled with a bunch of people having their employee reviews and a lot of word around that there are no raises being given out this year. I guess in a meeting, the one man (who is by all accounts a great guy and a good worker) was like, “hey, so, I got a raise. I feel like I should mention it.” Then they all decided to disclose what they made to each other, and the one dude makes 120k. Over twice what they make.

But wait, there’s more! Half the department has a special certification that only 1000 people in the world have, and it makes them incredibly valuable on a hiring front. So for 4 of them, they are actually worth around 150k on the free market.

The man is not one of them. In fact, he was hired only a year ago. He was bartending before. Not that he hasn’t done a good job learning, but three of the certified women are his supervisors. This is equivalent to a recently graduated male paralegal making over twice what female seasoned lawyers make, to put it in perspective.

But wait, there’s more! The owners of the company are women, and one of these three certified women decided, fuck it if she gets fired, she’s confronting them. And they said to her, “he’s a single dad and that’s what it took to attract him to work here.” Two of these women are married mothers, one single. And the not-mother has been with the company for 10 years.


Not that parenthood should make a difference.

I’m not even surprised, but I feel like I’m racing the clock to get out of here before shit goes nuts. I could do SOME of their job (just by osmosis) more than most others in the company, and I am not about to be put in that position.

KARMA - because I get invited to all their bitching sessions, I had the distinct pleasure of them sitting around being like “isn’t this illegal” and me proudly Liberalsplaining to them: “Nope, not in Louisiana.” You Republicans are going to learn one of these days if it kills me.



I am not resentful at all their complaining and agitation, but boy does it really affect my day to day mood.


ETA - Alice below adds some helpful clarification/correction around my understanding of the wage discrimination situation.