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Another day at home...

So, my son has what his doctor refers to as a hyper-vigilant immune system. He almost never gets sick. Colds last maybe 24 hours and he just gets the sniffles while I feel like death is coming for a week. The only thing that really gets through is stomach bugs. So Monday was another day off from school because of the freeze. My daughter reported that he was really low energy all day and he didn't eat much lunch. He loves to eat and will do so until I make him quit, so that was really odd. I made him some noodles in pesto for dinner. He had 2 bites and got sick in the trash can. I got him cleaned up and then he ate the plate of noodles and a handful of tater tots. He complained about having chicken pox and tummy feels. The autism puts a kink in communication. Author's Chicken Pox is his favorite book on being sick. He has never had or seen chicken pox, but that's what he equates being sick with.

We stayed home yesterday. He thought it was great. He felt fine. He ate like a horse. Today he rode the bus to school. When he got there, he had a melt down. I don't think he was the only one yelling, but when his teacher tried to redirect him, he bit her forearm. We used to have a lot of issues with biting and pinching, but that was years and years ago before going gluten free and before getting most of his painful digestive issues under control. I suspect he still doesn't feel great, and can't express it. It really isn't like him to throw big fits, although defiance is a trait that runs in the family.

I did about an hour of work and let everyone know I was leaving. He is now in his room, because I told him, if he was grumpy enough to bite, he needed a nap. He will watch no tv. He will not get computer time. Staying at home when you should be at school gets you nothing fun. We've had to have this lesson before. Thinking about it, we probably do this about once a year. He thinks he figures out another way out of work and then realizes that it really isn't that great an idea because he's stuck with me instead of his teacher and aides.


I on the other hand will probably be hanging out here all day. My husband's asleep, or I'd go clean out my closet. I pretty much cleaned all the common areas last week. I guess I could try to put all of the entertainment system back together, or I could go start cleaning my daughter's room...

Update: My productive morning has consisted of adding to my pintrest project idea board and making a list of things I need from the fabric store. I went to see if the kiddo wanted to go shop and grab a cheap burger and was met with this:

He and Gordon are napping. There goes making presents this afternoon. I guess I'll make myself some lunch.

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