I just wanted to say thank you to all my fellow Jezzies for all your awesomeness these last few months. I know I've been whiny (especially on the old GT) about not having any success in dating, hating my boss, and not having any friends. Well, it seems that all of your advice has certainly helped, because things are starting to turn around!

Had a lovely day with a new friend today. We had an awesome lunch, went and looked at turtles and fish (no snorkeling because the man o'wars were out) off a pier, then discovered a new beach neither one of us have ever been to before! We just sat in the water and on the beach and chatted about anything and everything. It felt like a "friend date" and I think it went well! Oh, and there was mochi ice cream after!

So tomorrow is a date with the BT at a beach on the North Shore. He texted me today to confirm he'd be picking me up around noon. Yay!

Anyway, I seem to have come out of my funk and I have you guys to thank for it. Thanks to all (and there were many of you) that encouraged me to branch out and try to meet new people, and to those that told me not to give up on dating. Even if things with the BT don't pan out, this has given me a huge boost in confidence that I really needed.

You guys are the best! <3