Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

OK turn away if you are behind on Dexter - stuff I am talking about is Season 6 forward.

I just thought about this, derppp: Dexter felt that he had to kill LaGuerta because he found the unsigned warrants for his & Deb's cell phone at her place. But then he continued to use his own phone at kill sites? This is so sloppy and doesn't comport with Rule #1 of the Code - don't get caught! He could use a burner if he needs a phone at the kill sites.


And WHY won't the show use Batista, who saw the warrants, and Quinn, to whom Deb confessed, to wrap shit up? It would be A MILLION times more interested in Batista and Quinn, characters we've been with for a long time, suspected Dexter. So much more interesting than this dumb US Marshall who buys his clothes at the US Marshall Casual Men's Big & Tall Store and Deb's old boss, who buys his clothes at the I Am Sad I Am Not David Caruso on CSI: Miami Store.

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