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Another Election, Another Time To Hate My FB Friends

Warning: pet peeves ahead. Not so much about political affiliation - I'm used to the dissenters on that front and I've gotten rid of the assholes. It's more like, *shit people say on FB during elections.*

Democrats, Republicans; they are all the same.

NO THEY ARE NOT. They have similarities, yes. Money is a leading factor on both sides, yes. Corruption is rampant across party lines, yes. Both parties can be bad, but they are bad in different ways and are not the same.


Who wins the next presidential election will make a huge difference that will affect our entire lives (by appointing up to four Supreme Court Justices). It is a big deal who has this power.

You don't want to vote? Don't. That's ok. I understand that powerlessness that comes with voting, particularly in the electoral college. Not once has my vote for a president mattered, in my whole life. Not once have I voted for a representative in a close election.

Can't we all just get along?

No. They only people who want everyone to get along are people who don't feel that an election will affect their lives. People who aren't too rich, aren't too poor, aren't too not-white, aren't too female. I'm quite worked up about this election. Why? Because my reproductive rights have been under fire. Because the rights of my LGBTQ friends and non-friends are still not standing on solid ground.


We can't all get along. Don't lament people getting emotional, people fighting at all. There are plenty of people who get emotional and fight and I believe they are full of shit (they are!); but they are operating under the perception that they are under attack, however misguided that might be in some cases. Don't tell people to shut up.


This pet peeve post has been brought to you by HML's facebook feed.

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