Erika Brown was shot by her boyfriend in their driveway. He then turned the gun on himself. Neighbors said they heard gunshots, but no one called police. The bodies were discovered later that day. This is in my hometown, and I still live nearby.

They heard gunshots. They didn't call police. Because they wrongfully assumed that any gunfire was "legitimate" or people just firing guns for fun.

I live in an area where people love guns. Many people will go to not so remote areas to practice target shooting, close enough to homes for people to become accustomed to the sound of harmless gunfire. But since so many people assume that everyone is a good guy with a gun, they don't think the sound they heard is something to be concerned about. They don't think it's the sound of a person losing their life.

I hope Ms. Brown's family can find peace. I'm so sorry for their loss.