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Another fine day in the Nation's Capital

My friend and I decided that since it was such a lovely spring day, we should pop down to the National Mall and check out the beautiful and brightly colored spring tourists that blossom this time of year here in DC. We also, while we were at it, had our official observance of the cherry blossoms/ singular cherry blossom (thanks for nothing winter!)

You'll be tickled pink (like a cherry blossom see what I did there) to know that there is a group of fine upstanding citizens accessing their first amendment rights and promoting political discourse at the cherry blossom festival to protest: Women's History Month. Right on dudes. In the middle of a large swarm of people that are specifically here to look at pretty flowers is definitely the best place for your "It's HIStory not HERstory" signs. And hey, what better time to protest women's history month than the week after it's over. You keep doing you, surly youths. You are winning the hearts and minds of America, and definitely scoring big with the ladies.

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In conclusion, here is a picture my friend took of the one tree blooming on schedule.

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