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Another franken!

I'm becoming addicted to frankening nail polishes that have disappointed me. I buy a ton of nail polish, so disappointment is inevitable. I have so many polishes that didn't work well with my skin tone, had a finish I didn't like, or were dupes of something I already had.

This time, the main culprit was Julep Viola. It's an off-black purple, and I hate off-black colors. I already have black. I don't need something that appears to be black in anything but the brightest of direct sun.


So I took it and mixed it with some clear top coat, a bit of Orly Beautiful Disaster, and a bunch of golden holo and colored glitter. This gave me...

... a super sparkly berry colored jelly! I'm trying to come up with names for it. My first thought was 'Berry Party,' but I'm not married to it.


It shows up as bluish purple in some lights, and reddish purple in others. It's never, ever off-black, though! The holo peeks through (not as much as in the jar), and the colored glitter creates some interest.


Application-wise, it worked in two careful coats, though three would have been safer if I felt like being sloppier.

I can't believe it, but this is actually curbing my polish addiction a bit. I'm finding myself looking through polishes to see what I can easily lose, and what I can make out of them. Of course, now I'm on Etsy looking for glitter and shimmers to add...

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