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Another freeway pup

Passed this poor little girl running around the S110 in south Los Angeles during rush hour yesterday morning—she wasn't even on the shoulder, she was on the actual freeway. I can't believe she made it across.

CHP was already trying to catch her when I saw her, and their dispatch line helped me track her down to shelter when she'd been taken. They think she's a Yorkie mix, about a year old, 7.5 lbs, no tags or microchip.


She doesn't become adoptable until 8/20, but Buster and I are going to meet her either tomorrow morning or later this afternoon if I can knock off work early. Not sure if I'll be able to take her myself or I'll need to find a spot in a rescue for her, but either way, think good thoughts in her (and my and Buster's) direction?

ETA: Goddammit, apparently I can't bring Buster to meet her. Which makes things much more complicated. I guess I'll just be meeting her by myself...

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