The Holidays are upon us and I don't have money for presents, but I do have clothes that I've been meaning to get rid of, all in excellent condition, with several things unused— and a paypal account. I'll post my GT email address to contact me off site but that's not my paypal account, so don't try to send money there. If you want any of these, make me an offer. I can ship starting Tuesday.

Socks. S. O. C. K. S.

one pair of vintage stripey thigh highs in hunter green and black. I purchased these in the early 90s and they cut off circulation in my thighs so I figured I would keep them for when I lost weight. HAHAHA. Anyway, these are 20 years old but only washed twice, so they are still in great shape with no elastic breakage. The photo does not accurately depict the color. The green is darker than it appears here. For reference,he background is the same color as the other backgrounds.

one pair of Sock It To Me! Mad Science knee high socks! Through some error of technology, I ordered 2 pairs of pink socks and got 4 pairs of these, which I already had a pair of. I am retaining 1 for myself and have given 3 as gifts. These have been worn and washed several times (I assume) but they are in excellent condition.


one pair each of two Ladies Knee High Star Wars Socks: Skull Troopers! These have been worn a few times and have been washed a few times. There is slight pilling and black stitch loss on the bottom of the pink ones, see inset. Somehow I got two pairs of these. To be clear about the stripey ones, the stormtrooper skull and crossbones is on only one side, so this pair has left and right socks.


one pair of dark purple and black striped knee-high socks with black cat on the top band. These are "one-size-fits-all" socks but on my chubby calves, they stretch enough for the inner layer of white elastic on the purple sections to show, which looks terrible. There have been washed once and never worn. Recommended for skinny legs only. The color is washed out in this photo too, which is also on the same dark blue couch background.

T-Shirts, Ladies XL, runs small, doesn't stretch well shirts


The Binge: one of Woot's bestsellers ever. I bought this just after they changed shirt manufacturers, which they hadn't listed on the site, and I didn't notice until the exchange period ran out that it will not go over my boobs. Never worn, washed once.

Family Breakfast: another woot bestseller. This arrived with The Binge and has the same sizing problem. It depicts Darth Vader making fried eggs for young Luke and Leia, while wearing a "World's Greated Dad" apron. Never worn, washed once.


Spelling Bee: currently unavailable through woot, this arrived with The Binge and has the same sizing problem. It says "Spelling Bee Class Champian." Never worn, washed once.

T-Shirts, Unisex 2XL shirts


Race for a Snack: Got this as a random shirt, not my favorite. Currently unavailable through woot. Worn once, washed once.

Friends, Romans, aedlrjqaewoif: Ye Olde Monkey with a Typewriter. Another random shirt meh. Currently unavailable through woot. Never worn, washed once.


Best offer (include shipping) at petti at petticoatdespot dot com. Or, you know, if you just want to throw money at me because you like me.... ;)