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I just don't know how to judge these things anymore. He said he had a good time and he said (unprompted) "let's do this again sometime." But I don't know. Every time I have a seemingly good date, I never hear from the guy again. And, this was his first OKC date ever! No pressure on me, lol.

At least I had a good time, and I got to drink beer on a work night, so that's good. He did beat me at pool, though. Okay...I might have let him win. A little. He couldn't tell. I never tell people I played on a league or what my handicap is. It's no fun.

So anyway...I'm kind of buzzed on a work night...what's everyone else up to?

Edit: He texted me already! He had quite a drive home, and he let me know he made it and again said he had fun. WTF.


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