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Another Great Piece

This time by Mia Mckenzie. On Colbert And White Racial Satire: We Don't Need It.

Some people have suggested that The Colbert Report is fighting racism…somehow. That by taking on the persona of a conservative a-hole, Colbert is calling attention to how ridiculous they are. Yes. Ok. But calling attention to whom, and for what purpose? The fans who have responded angrily to #CancelColbert have either been liberals who believe they are in on the joke already or tweeting lunatics who seem to just get pleasure from hearing and hurling racial slurs. Where are these theoretical people who were racist until they watched Colbert, or SNL, or Chelsea Lately, or any other show that uses white racial satire, and had their racist minds changed? Do we really believe these people exist? Do we really believe there were hella people watching Colbert's skit about Dan Snyder's awful foundation who had their minds changed about it as soon as Asian slurs were thrown into the mix? Do we really think folks who defend that team's name despite of all the harm it's caused are sensitive to the stereotyping of Asian people? You're telling me these folks exist?

And, you know what, even if they did, why is their "education in the form of racist jokes that are satirical so it's okay" more important than the people we know for sure exist who are harmed by these jokes?


Emphasis mine. You should read it.

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