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Another Grievance!

In case you weren’t sick of hearing me complain, this is a big one: I do space planning/interiors, and when people want to fight me on ADA compliance. Like, FIRST OF ALL, it’s not up to me whether you have to be ADA compliant, just like it’s not up to me that you are not allowed to have nails sticking upward out of your floors.

But also? I realize you’re looking at this with dollars in mind, but how much of a dickbag do you have to be to not want your space to be able to accommodate customers with disabilities? Do you want every person with a physical disability, every senior, ever injured person and everyone they might come in with to not be able to come in and give you money? Like, I get it - in some places, they really kind of go overboard with the compliance (ok, you don’t need 4 ADA bathrooms in a restaurant that can only seat 50 people). But that’s almost never the case. They are fighting me, all the time, on ONE ramp, ONE bathroom, ONE lowered table or counter, a hallway THIS wide, a doorway THIS wide with a doorknob at THIS height. And, if they aren’t doing heavy renovations, they usually can get out of some of this at the permitting stage.


If you do not have the money to make your space able to accommodate people with disabilities, you do not have the money to renovate this building and open your business. You don’t have the money for incidentals, or for paying for that second inspection because you didn’t pass the first one, or other unexpected shit like that. Just like if you don’t have the money to pay your people a decent wage. I understand these are barriers to your dream. I understand that is frustrating. I understand you’re under a lot of rules and regulations and this just seems like another one along with stupid shit like making sure everyone doesn’t die in a fire, or that your dishware gets appropriately sanitized. You know how stupid codes can be!

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