Listen kids GT is a community board given to us by Gawker Media (originally) for off topic conversations and (eventually) for Denton to find free/new content for traffic driving. So I am going to climb up on my high horse and be Queen of GT for a hot minute so that we can get on the same page here. Sugarhill tried to generate a conversation about using GT in a respectful and fun way but apparently that fell on deaf ears (or blind eyes if you will). So I am going to use what little cred I may have here and lay it out for any of you still in confusion.

Since the KINJA roll out it’s been made clear that the community boards will be reaped for main page content. This seems to be divisive around here and we don’t seem to know how to handle this. So I’m going to suggest that we accept KINJA’s influence and move on with our posting. There are going to be some people who will use this space to get recognized and main paged and that is perfectly fine. We all want to shine and for these posters this is one way. We need to respect that and either be supportive or ignore the post. Those are options available. It is not okay to disrespect them because we don’t like how they use the GT space. They aren’t harming anyone. But you are when you try to call them out with criticism and rudeness. Either be a part of the discussion they began or leave the post alone.

GT is a *respectful space. So don’t abuse it. We post warnings in our titles from spoiler alert to trigger warnings. We do it because we respect others and do not wish to do any unintentional harm to another reader. We do it because we are considerate people in life and online. This also means that we don’t pile on each other. We give each other space to make mistakes and to fix it. ETA: *After some discussion down in the comments I've decided respectful is a more accurate reflection than "safe space" - which can be a loaded term.

That said here are some tips to keep this space fun, helpful, and safe:

  1. Check a commentor’s history before you shit kick them. Make sure they are jerks before you accuse them. Have the facts. I’ve seen a few comments that peeve me and I’m ready to tell that person off but I’ve checked their post history and discovered that they’re decent folk and I need to engage them differently. So…
  2. Ask first. Point out the issue you have with the post and ask for clarification. Make sure you do understand the essence of their statement before you read the riot act. Sometimes tone and intent don’t read well. We all know this so act accordingly.
  3. Watch your tone. So many misunderstandings can be avoided by ensuring that your post or response isn’t snotty or accusatory. I see it on here and the main page often enough. If someone calls you on it, again, ask them why they feel insulted.
  4. Don’t insult people unless they really are jerks. And even then maybe just ignore them. If they’re really bad tell the mods.
  5. If someone is posting for advice let’s be a little sensitive. They are confused, concerned, and/or worried. They may not have thought the whole post through and could be writing emotionally. So don’t be rude to them. If you do have an issue with the question address the issues you have don’t attack the person and do so with diplomacy please.
  6. By the same token when seeking advice be prepared to be challenged and be prepared for a few not so pleasant responses. Either engage (by following one and two above) or remove the comment.
  7. Check your post before posting. Make sure it conveys the message you want. Truth: I rarely ever do this. I do a once over and post but it’s still solid advice anyway.


Now, that’s it from Zemar’s lecture corner.

Got any ideas you want to share? Hate what I said? Hate that I said anything at all? Let me know. On this post you can say whatever you want without reprisal.


ETA: Korbendallasbathroompass wrote something about GT posting which is a helpful guide, please check it out. Explains lots of good things about the workings of GT:…