The second biggest way GT has influenced me has definitely been in food. The most visible of this is how I use eggs. Former HappyBerry was all “eggs are gross”, Current HappyBerry now knows she doesn’t really like scrambled eggs or fried eggs, but other ways are good! It all started innocently, when HoneySmacks convinced me to try shakshuka, from there it expanded into poaching an egg in my ramen. The final straw was today! I impulse bought some Mexican chorizo and specifically picked out a tortilla pizza recipe I found, because it was one of the few that didn’t involve eggs. After I had put my refried beans and chorizo on the tortilla, I decided what would probably be really good on it would be an egg, so cracked one right in the middle and it is currently baking. So, despite choosing a recipe that specifically did not have eggs, I still ended up with one.

So, my dinner tonight is a tortilla pizza topped with refried beans, chorizo, an egg, and lots of cheese. After coming out of the oven I topped it with homemade salsa, guac, and a squeeze of lime. I wish it had a few more vegetables, but I didn’t feel like cutting them up. Maybe tomorrow.