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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Another IUD post...

So I recently had an IUD placed, and have noticed that I've been feeling my feelings in the most extreme of extremes lately. I have the Skyla, which is a mini version of the Mirena - so, hormonal rather than copper. Last night, I had a complete meltdown because my boyfriend was asleep when I got home. I was an incomprehensible mess of tears and snot accusing him of neglecting me and getting even more upset when he immediately left to buy me the cheesiest baconest burger he could find.

Of course, as soon as I begrudgingly ate this burger, I came to my senses and realized how ridiculous I was being. And remembered the IUD.


Has anyone else experienced this with their IUD? Will it eventually taper off as my body adjusts to the hormones, or do I need to start learning how to recognize these extreme emotions and dealing with them before I explode into absurd temper tantrums for the next 3 years?

Oh lady bits, why you so complicated?

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