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Another mooncup convert :D

I'm putting a little spacer of two calming kittens here so that if you don't want to read about mooncups and all the stuff that comes with it, you don't have to.

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(the one on the left is Phillip)

I was at my parents' this weekend and although I knew it was likely that I'd come on while I was there, I stupidly hadn't brought any supplies with me except for whatever tampons I had rattling around in the bottom of my bag. So I was in Boots, grumpy and aching and very aware that I had about another 5 minutes before I would need to excuse myself and change, and I was looking at buying yet another box of tampons and I did a bit of mental maths as to how much money I spend on tampons in a year. And it was a lot.
I'm nearly 24 and, all being well and unless I have a very early menopause, I reckon I've got about another 30 years of periods to go through. And then I saw that I could buy a mooncup for £21, and even if I have to replace the mooncup every few years, it'd still end up costing less than what I'd spend on tampons.


So, I bought a mooncup because so many people here have sung its praises, and my housemate was positively evangelical in her recommendation, and you are all people whose opinions and reviews I trust. I totally get why so many people who try it become so obsessed with sharing the gospel of the mooncup, and I am a huge fan already, but there have been a few things to consider, for me at least.

I should mention that I've not had penetrative sex, and although I've been using tampons since my first period, it was excruciatingly painful to remove the first time. I actually wasn't sure I would be able to bear the pain of getting it out and had visions of my poor parents realising I had been upstairs for an awfully long time and then coming barging in and finding me in tears on the loo, with a bit of silicone hanging out of my foof. I'm still experimenting and trying to find the best way to remove it without causing too much pain, and it's still a bit hit and miss. I'm also still trying to work out exactly where it's supposed to sit, because it seems intent on moving further up than I think it's supposed to be. I know that because it's meant to be sitting low, having it higher increases the risk of leakage - which is something I'm still a little bit wary of and I have been running back and forwards to the toilet to check that all is well!


My housemate has told me that it hasn't stopped her and her boyfriend from having sex, and said that he didn't notice it was in as she'd cut the stem. I have to admit, I'm a little bit skeptical of that - I can't quite get my head around how you could have sex with that in. Can anyone here corroborate the possibility of any kind of sex while wearing the mooncup? I'd be interested in knowing because the BoyPerson and I are long distance and I'm not on hormonal birth control at the moment so can't delay periods, and it really sucks when a weekend we have together coincides with me being on.

But anyway, all that aside - I am so glad I bought it. It's so much more environmentally friendly and makes more economic sense, and as we only have one toilet at work, tampons can't be flushed down the toilet, and we don't have a specific bin to dispose of sanitary products, being able to just tip the waste into the toilet and flush it away is a huge benefit for me, and actually makes me wish I'd bought it 18 months ago - when I started this job.


All things considered - I love it. Best £21 I've spent this year :)

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