For their 100th issue Starlog profiled the 100 most important people in Sci Fi and Fantasy and as you might expect for a magazine over 30 years ago... It's not very diverse.

There are only four women and two people of color (and no Asian, Latino or Arabic people at all), but again, it kind of reflects the state of fandom at the time.


Who, living or dead, would you add to the list? My first thoughts are Marion Zimmer Bradley, Andre Norton, Osamu Tezuka and Jorge Luis Borges.

ETA I would have definitely revised the Movies/Radio/TV section. Some of the directors were influential at the time but are less so now (Robert Wise, William Cameron Menzies). I'm also surprised that no one from Doctor Who was mentioned, considering that Starlog was an early North American booster of the show (Verity Lambert would be another woman to add).