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Another NinjaCate Adoration Post - With A Twist!

I, like everyone on Groupthink, am so proud of NinjaCate's article and the circulation it's gotten! I'm so proud that our community here fosters such important and thoughtful discussion. And now it has been brought into my college classes!

Yesterday I had my first day of classes, specifically an interdisciplinary sex and gender course. The course itself was just phenomenal (taught by a Spanish prof who was born in Korea and grew up in Paraguay and an Anthropology prof from Turkey; the syllabus is full of work by writers of all backgrounds and lenses; we're going to see Catching Fire as our final class, I'm just so excited!) and our first class discussion was about Miley Cyrus and the VMAs.

We watched some clips and then read some quotes from articles and essays regarding the performance, including a quote from NinjaCate!! I was pleasantly surprised that about half of the quotes up for discussion were about the blatant racism in that performance.


But it gets better! In discussion that followed, several students mentioned that NinjaCate's article was a kind of awakening for them, that while they may consider intersectionality important, mainstream feminism was not placing that same importance on it. That we cannot separate race from feminism. That while we should be defending women from slut-shaming and having a meaningful discussion about the structures that exploit young women's sexuality, we also need to talk about the women of color who are being degraded and exploited - in ways we may not automatically pick up on because of varying levels of privilege, but that still exist.

Anyway, it warmed my heart to see such a positive discourse outside of GT, and I wanted NinjaCate that she's having a huge, positive impact!

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